Health VentureLab supports teams bringing applied science to customers.

4 month long weekly support

We support you through weekly intensive coaching sessions by entrepreneurs and in-depth industry knowledge trainings by our expert coaches

For international teams

We are dedicated to building a thriving community of international applications. We accepts participants from all over the European Union and partially support their travels.

Industry & Academy backed

GE Healthcare has teamed up with the most experienced players in academia to create a knowledge rich environment for early stage companies.

Full support network

Through EIT Health network and our VC partners we provide you with the best leads that support you in the long run.
A wave of innovative researchers and healthcare professionals are leaving their day job and putting their expertise in their most ambitious project of their life: creating high-impact products, that immediately improves the lives of thousands.

Creating a venture that tackles deep problems in healthcare is hard, that is why GE Healthcare is bringing it’s expertise and network within EIT Health together, to help solve problems that highly qualified and ambitious individuals face while running their company.

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