About us

Health Venture Lab is a community built by many. Our partners ensure the support in resources and expertise to make Health Venture Lab a unique Accelerator, while our experienced coaches help bring out the best in the teams. Alumni support is crucial, so we thrive to keep in close contact with our graduated participants.

Our Partners

GE Healthcare is a leading provider of Healthcare equipment, from state-of-the-art MRI machines, to digital solutions that helps collaboration of medical teams. GE is ambition is to use it’s vast experience in operating in the industry to drive innovation through businesses. Through Health VentureLab you will have the unique opportunity to be supported by the best in the business.

As Senior Director of Software Engineering at GE Healthcare, I am always on the lookout for fresh new talent and ideas to keep our business ahead of the curve. For this reason, I am glad that we have the opportunity to welcome innovative teams from all around Europe and introduce them to our industry.

Attila Ferik, Sr. Director, Software Engineering, GE Healthcare
EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. We deliver solutions to enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives by promoting innovation. We connect the right people and the right topics across European borders, so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business – for the benefit of citizens. Through EIT Health you will have a fast track to key international players that will speed up the expansion of your business.

EIT Health as the largest healthcare initiative in Europe can make a difference in creating a vibrant and competitive startup ecosystem through its worldwide partnerships in healthcare. We have several university partners and university hospitals as well as global industry players in medtech, in biotech, in digital health global industry players where GE Healthcare is one of our core partners.

Kurt Höller, director of business creation EIT Health
Semmelweis University is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and the Central European region within the area of medicine, health sciences. The University is a truly international community, programmes are offered in three languages (Hungarian, English, German), and foreign students account for nearly third of the around 10,000 students studying at the University’s six faculties. In addition to teaching, Semmelweis University provides a wide range of health care services. With almost forty patient care units organised into four clinical blocks, it is one of the largest health care institutions in Hungary. Research, development, and innovation comprise an important part of the University’s three-fold mission. With 300 research groups the university focuses on early diagnostics and therapy, prevention of diseases, health preservation and healthy and active aging. Many of its professors are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with close collaboration between the two institutions in numerous areas
Hiventures’ mission is to support the cutting-edge ideas of freshly established startups and innovative businesses, to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and protect the values of its community. Since we believe Hungary is the country of great talents, with our new investment programs our aim is to endorse and mentor these young entrepreneurs’ ideas, thus contributing to the growth of a sustainable and continuously developing startup ecosystem. Besides helping the young talents to thrive, we are dedicated to build and maintain a long term and strong strategic partnership with the domestic and regional capital market participants. We believe that Hiventures will not only be able to support the domestic growth, but through the invested companies we can contribute to the increase of Hungary’s international competitive advantage.
VentureLab is a leading business accelerator, with an excellent track-record in helping innovative ideas reach the market. Together with University of Groningen they drive innovation in various areas, including Healthcare. Health VentureLab uses VentureLab methodology to improve participating teams competencies.
The Medical University of Lodz is the largest public medical university in Poland. Its mission is focused on: – educating students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing as well as in other medicine- related disciplines – educating research staff (PhD programs) – conducting research and scientific activity – developing postgraduate programs offer. Using the knowledge and potential of the people, by deliberate action, we are building a bridge between science and business. We support and coordinate the directions of cooperation between these two areas, so that they complement and directly influence the economic development in the field of medicine and health. Our main role is to incubate new business ventures while providing administrative support at all stages of commercialization. We focus on building the broader collaboration between Polish as well as foreign researchers and entrepreneurs, representing various fields. We cooperate with research centers from around the world. Our capital is the highly regarded scientific researchers conducting work in the area of: oncology, neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, biomolecular sciences, cardiology, diabetes, allergy and immunology.
The University of Debrecen is more than four hundred and fifty years old, it is Hungary’s oldest higher education institution operated continuously in the same city and as one of the largest educational centers of the country it is a central player in Hungarian higher education. It has outstanding educational, research, and innovation capacities in international comparison as well and based on these it plays a major role in the realization of objectives of national strategy. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world. The student community of 30,000 can study in 14 faculties, in institutions of excellent scholarly standard. As a leading university it is known in Hungary as an intellectual center providing the widest spectrum of educational programs while also closely cooperating with the private sector, the business sphere, and the local government.

WHat our Process and Expert Coaches say

I’m thrilled, that companies, like GE have found the right partners to team up with to present an opportunity to young entrepreneurs who are interested to make an impact at some point of their careers

William Benkő, Business Coach, Owner at Rózsakert Medical Center, Private Clinic

Health Venture lab is an ideal accelerator program for entrepreneurs, who need support to bring their idea to the next level. I enjoy working with the passionate teams and supporting them to find solutions to move forward.

Lennaert Jonkers, Founder - DevelopMinded

Many start ups have ambitious dreams but struggle to enter international markets. The program and coaching sessions help them to get insights how to use business tools to explore business opportunities.

Imre Hild, Global Managing Partner at Global Traction

We are proud of our Alumni

What we love about the program is the training first, it almost feels like we had an hands-on MBA completed during this four month

TenderTec, winner of HVL Demo Day Disruptive Product prize

I certainly recommend this program, as it helps you to learn how to do business very well. Most of the teams have their technical side assured, but you also have to know, how to do business and HVL program supports you exectly in that.

Xvision, winner of HVL Dema Day Rising Innovator prize

With HVL NU-RISE is one step ahead: we are getting our first paying customer!


You can never start too early - High School Partner program

Health VentureLab was an unbelievable opportunity for us to be a part of. It was an absolute honour to have the opportunity to pitch at the Demoday on Monday, and I would like to thank all organizers and coaches that made this event possible. A truly unforgettable experience!

Otto Hutter, InstaDoc,Team rom Tamási Áron High School

Tamási Áron High School

Török Ignác High School