We are dedicated to tailoring our approach to the needs of startups and to provide a knowledge and experience rich environment that helps teams learn quicker.

The program offers a unique combination of resources that support the startups. The resources combined with the tailored coaching creates an environment where both knowledge and tailored coaching is present:

Hard-to-get expert knowledge

Academic expertise
Through our academic partners we have a chance to quickly validate ideas in real world scenarios. Our partners also delegate expert researchers and faculty members, who can offer insight into the frontier of scientific research.
Industrial expertise
GE Healthcare offers it’s long lasting expertise and experience to help teams ideate, validate and execute healthcare related ambitions.
International Ecosystem
Health VentureLab is part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – Health, a European ecosystem of helping innovation and business creation in the Healthcare Sector. Through EIT Health you will have a fast track to key international players that will speed up the expansion of your business. The program is also dedicated to accepting a substantial amount of the applicants that are non-Budapest based, meaning you will have a networking opportunity with like-minded people who will help you navigate to international markets.
Tailored coaching
We believe one on one coaching offers the biggest value to startups. Through a business coaches, who all have either built their own company or have managed one, you will get assistance in any problem that arises. To support you with more in-depth technical knowledge, you can request to consult any of our expert coaches, who have background ranging from Healthcare Data Protection to Manufacturing Healthcare Equipment.