We are looking for ambitious teams that are tackling real world problems in the healthcare industry

Selection prerequisites

We accept applications from all over Europe
We partially support your travels to Budapest
You need to have a team
The minimum team size is the founders who have to have the minimal expertise to create a functioning prototype or in case you have a prototype to expand it to an MVP.

We don’t accept individuals to our core program. If you are interested in joining alone, please consider joining one of our Venture Weekends [link to Venture Weekend application].
You have to have a project/idea related to Healthcare
This can be anything from a digital solution to hardware.

A prototype or MVP is not a requirement but is an additional plus when applying.

What we do and don't ask from you

No program fee
Joining the program doesn’t require you paying fees to Health VentureLab or any of it’s partners.
We do require you to be dedicated to attending the program.
If you are in Budapest, you have to attend 70% of the time and at least 50% of all events should be with the full team.

If you are not located in Budapest, we require you to join for 25% on a fixed time that we define and we advise to join another 25% on a time suitable for you.

You have to participate 70% of the time combining virtual and in real life coaching.
You have to be self-sustaining during the program.
Health VentureLab doesn’t give stipend to the teams, but supports partially the travel costs for international teams.